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We’re a PCSA Gold Level II Accredited Facility, the highest level of accreditation in the industry, and our staff is specially trained to give your pets the highest quality care.

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Dog Daycare

If you need to get away for the day for any reason, or if you have a pet that gets bored and lonely, or even destructive at home, this is for you. We provide your pet with a day of activity while you cannot be with them. Day care is an excellent way to socialize your pet.

Our professional staff members are trained in dog behavior and dog interaction. All dogs go through a detailed temperament testing process and groups are divided by size of dog and style of play.

At daycare the dogs will play and socialize with other dogs in a supervised fun environment. Daycare helps the dog learn manners with both people and other dogs while providing exercise for dogs that otherwise would be at home alone all day.

We also offer private daycare for dogs that prefer the company of people.

All vaccinations must be current before attending daycare.



Safe Socialization for your Puppy!

6 Months & Younger


We get lots of daycare requests for puppies that are just too young to play in the regular daycare groups. Many of these puppies join our Puppy Pack program where they do get some play time with other puppies and staff during the day. This has worked well as puppies don't need to play all day, they need to sleep and grow too.

We now offer daycare just for puppies! Our Puppy Pack Mondays are just for those that are too young for daycare but want that social time while they grow.


Puppy Pack Mondays includes 3 hours supervised playtime with other puppies up to 6 months of age. When they are not playing, puppies will be busy sleeping & growing in their own private loft. Activities include playing with their puppy buddies and puppy toys, chasing bubbles, tummy rubs, and lots of hands on hugs from the supervising Puppy Huggers.  Puppies will also play games to help develop great manors from our certified trainers. Mid day lunch or snacks can also be given.

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